Thursday 5 February 2015

Do SEO Right: Tips for Avoiding SEO Violations

Search engines have increasingly become smarter and more effective in producing results for web searchers, rolling out new updates from time to time to improve the user’s experience. Still, while many businesses have gained success through their search engine optimisation efforts (SEO), some perform rather poorly because of violating search engine policies and receiving penalties.

Link Spamming

All spam methods are frowned upon by search engines and won’t help your website get higher rankings so don’t even think about commenting links to your site on forums and blogs. In fact, Google and other search engines, penalises websites that use this technique. Instead of increasing your visibility, you are more likely to end up on the bottom of the page.

Excessive Use of Keywords or Keyword Stuffing

It is ideal to put keywords in your content to help search engines direct web users to it. Still, some people use an excessive amount of keywords in an attempt to cheat the system. Keyword stuffing can also get your website in trouble.

Top Heavy Ads

Nothing frustrates users more than seeing content hidden under a plethora of ads. They want to see your website’s content, not a page full of confusing ads. Search engines side with the user’s point of view here and implements punishments to websites using this layout through decreased rankings.  

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