Thursday 12 March 2015

Some PPC Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

PPC advertising can be hit-or-miss. In order to get a good return on your PPC investment, you need to manage it well. Here are a couple of mistakes to avoid:

Lack of Activity

You can’t just put up your advertisements and leave them alone. PPC and Google AdWords require close management. Log-in to your account more than once a week so that you can monitor how your page is doing. For example, your ads only show up at specific times, depending on the timeslot that you bid on. If you’re a business that has a specific customer base, you’ll want to bid on the window of time where your target market is more likely online. Minor tweaks like that can affect the performance of your advertisements.

Not Enough Analysis

When you don’t know what to tweak in your campaign, it means you haven’t done enough analysis on your part. PPC ads produce a lot of data when they’re in operation; for example, the amount of clicks, and the keywords that were used on these clicks. The sites that produced the most clicks on your ads are just some examples of the information you can glean from ad performance. With this data, you can determine what changes you need to do to enhance or increase the effectiveness of your PPC ads.

With these and other mistakes waiting to entrap the unwary, a PPC ad campaign may indeed require an SEO and web design and development professional for effective implementation.

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