Wednesday 20 May 2015

Why Google AdWords Remarketing Makes Sense

Many businesses need every advantage to get ahead in cyberspace. This includes a concerted campaign to promote and sell their products or services as long as they rank in the search results.  If you’re currently consulting with people who know online marketing in Toronto, you’ll see that you have a range of services to choose from, one of which is AdWords remarketing.

What is AdWords Remarketing?

AdWords remarketing and pay-per-click or PPC are comparable in the sense that they both target certain audiences. Unlike PPC ads, however, which focus on people who are searching for your product or service with a specific set of keywords, AdWords remarketing allows you to re-establish a connection with users who already visited your site.  

When you have an AdWords remarketing strategy in place, users who previously browsed your website will be shown related ads (similar to PPC ones) as they surf the web, search using Google, or utilise mobile apps. In fact, if you decide to implement a “dynamic remarketing” approach, which is a notch higher than standard remarketing, your ads will showcase the services or products that the user viewed in your website.  

Why is it effective for business?

Some consumers only need a little more prodding or inspiration to finally give in—and you get to do that with AdWords remarketing. You can reach out to those who are already engaged or interested in your product or service. Given that you can make remarketing lists, your ads will be customised for a particular group.

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