Thursday 2 July 2015

Drive Traffic to Your Toronto Website with SEO

Toronto businesses hoping to catch the eye of customers often have an uphill fight on their hands. Thankfully, Toronto SEO companies are there to help out.

Getting Started

Part of establishing a more solid online presence involves creating a domain name for the site that’s unique and easy to remember, not to mention easy to type. Google’s recent update on exact domain names eliminated the potential of two websites with the same names. You can also buy an older domain name that has not been penalised for being used in a website with harmful online content.

The Look and Feel

It may be an accomplishment for your website to finally go online, but it may get low rankings in search results pages if users have a hard time navigating it. This is called “bounce rate.” A Toronto web design expert may turn this around by crafting the page around good visuals while assembling a navigational framework that shows users where they are on the site.

The “Meat”

In the context of online marketing, the “meat” being referred to here is the content you will post on the website. Make the effort to write the content around related topics with specific keywords, as search engines favour uniquely crafted materials and are smart enough to penalise anything plagiarised. 

A well-marketed website with highly informative content about a product or service can be a boon to customers looking for something new. Let skilled online marketers show you the way.

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