Monday 26 October 2015

Reasons Why Good SEO is Essential for Your Website

If you're trying to find a way to make your Toronto business blossom, excellent SEO is a key to success. Aside from pushing your website up the search engine rankings, there are other reasons for prioritising your digital marketing campaigns.

Organic search engine results account for most of your website's activity
Did you know that around 64 percent of visitors arrive at your website because of organic search engine results? While pouring money into advertising is effective to an extent, not prioritising your ranking in Google can see you lose a valuable part of the market. In addition to focusing on organic SEO, ensure you look into your social media presence.

You can generate more leads from your site's visitors
The State of Inbound Marketing Report revealed that SEO is a leading way to turn your visitors into leads. In addition, leads from organic SEO stand a 14.6 percent chance of closing, while those from other methods average at 1.6 percent. Once you're into the swing of things, organic SEO costs far less than paid for advertising too.

Local search optimisation taps into the mobile user market
Google's love for mobile friendly websites erupted during 2015, and the search engine giant isn't set to change its tune any time soon. Optimising your mobile friendly websites for local users is particularly effective, as those who are looking for immediate services in Toronto are highly likely to visit your business.

Whether your business is large, small, or yet to be fully established, consulting an SEO expert from WCS Solutions is a great way to find a digital marketing strategy that suits your company.

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