Thursday 17 December 2015

Components of a Website Audit that are Necessary for Effective Marketing

There are so many reasons your online marketing strategy may not be bringing in the expected results. You may have done everything right from hiring professional services to creating the right keyword list for your paid advertising. Still, the traffic that ends up in your business website may not be desirable. In such a case, you need to get a website audit.

It is a forensic examination to show if there is something you are doing wrong. You can find experts in Toronto that will check under every nook and cranny of your site. There are website audit various tools that a specialist will use to check different aspects of your site.

Site Health Check

A health check for your site is the most important sssaudit. It involves an analysis to identify what is causing reduced traffic or poor performance. A site health check will include studies of the technical aspects of caching, server metrics, downtime, speed and URL construction among others.

Back Link Check

A back link audit involves checking negative SEO attacks. These attacks may lead to penalties from a search engine, so you have to know about them as soon as they happen.

Conversion Optimisation Audit

You site may have issues that may be reducing traffic. A conversion analysis will tell you what those issues are and what you need to do to attract users.

Competitive Site Audit

It helps to know what your competition is doing right. Analyzing your competitors’ sites and their strategies may open up new opportunities for you.

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