Tuesday 29 December 2015

Understanding How SEO Works

Imagine trying to summarize an entire business with one word. One word that represents everything that a company may stand for and all of the services or products that it could offer. The one perfect word that is the culmination of all that a business has become, which also concisely explains to a potential customer exactly what they could expect when engaging with the business.

Seems a little difficult, right?

Well it is. Now ask ten different people, and you will get 10 different answers, none of which will sufficiently summarize the business. Perhaps if all the answers are combined, then there will begin to be a clearer idea of what a business actually represents. This is because complex ideas like businesses and services need more than one word to fully express the concept, and this is inherently vital to keep in mind when considering SEO needs for a business.

People don't search for businesses with just one word, and if they do, they will usually end up with a long list of competitors, alternative services, and maybe even some items that have nothing to do with what they are looking for. This is why SEO is so important. SEO connects a searcher's keywords, such as "good restaurants in Toronto", with content that has been optimized to match with as many of those 'one perfect words' as possible.

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